Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Debt Free Call

I got this over a week ago, but I didn't know how to share it on this blog until tonight. Before you listen you should know a few things:
  • When we went to see Dave live the T-shirt we got said, "Change your family tree" on it. I am excited to be able to pass on our debt-freeness to our son and to teach him NEVER to borrow money (Proverbs 22:7)
  • When talking to callers about borrowing money from family Dave often says, "The Thanksgiving dinner is going to taste different." That is where I got that phrase from.
  • When I say that people should "fight the fear" I am mainly just talking about this myth our culture has that we "have" to have a credit card. My sister had a friend in college that was just aghast at the thought of living without one. "What about your credit score?" the girl asked. What, the 'I love debt' score? We could all learn to hate debt a little more, don't you think?
I think that is all you need to know....enjoy listening.

Download Dave Ramsey - Dept Free

What is so cool about my call in to Dave was that our friend Sara heard me on the radio just by chance because she left early from work that day. Then my mom heard me in Louisiana that night as she was driving home from having dinner with my grandparents. My mother-in-law also turned on the radio "just to see" if Dave Ramsey was on and got to hear me that night. And later that night another friend of ours who lives in Louisiana heard me as she was driving across town.

I really just want to give thanks and praise to God who inspired and enabled us to become debt free. He is good!

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