Thursday, June 24, 2010

The best case scenario (Part 2)

First, I want to apologize that I haven't written anything about Asher since we came home from the hospital.

The day after I wrote that post Asher had a terrible night.  He was nursing fine before that, but on that Monday night he screamed for hours at a time and tried to nurse but just struggled to eat.  We went in to the pediatrician first thing on Tuesday morning and the lactation consultant watched me nurse Asher and said that I was doing a great job.  Asher at that point was continuing to lose weight and so our pediatrician and the consultant agreed that we should start supplementing with formula before and after a feeding.  Basically, (she explained) little boys are often lazy nursers and because he was technically 3 weeks early that would make him even lazier.  Well after supplementing for four days Asher finally was satisfied with no supplements on Saturday morning.  We went back to the pediatrician that morning and he had gained weight so we officially took him off of supplements.  Here is a picture of the cake I got to celebrate this milestone.

Since then we really have celebrated the best case scenario!!  Last Friday I brought Asher in to the pediatrician and he had regained weight and was back up to his birth weight.  Regaining their birth weight by two weeks is exactly what pediatricians look for and that is exactly what we needed to see to know that he is eating successfully.  I was so happy!!

Since that visit we have been blessed with many friends bringing us meals.  It has been so great not having to plan out dinners and even more of a blessing not to have to cook!!  Philip's parents had stayed with Ethan while we were in the hospital with Asher and then they stayed for a week past that.  When they left I have to say I was quiet nervous about how I would take care of both kiddos by myself!  But so far so good.  Ethan and I have survived a whole week and a half by ourselves.  He has been a little more challenging, but he loves Asher and that's a relief and a blessing.

Well, I'll try to update this blog more often.  I still need to write about our 10th anniversary trip and coming up next weekend Ethan will be turning three!!  My mom and sister are coming up to celebrate and meet Asher for the first time too, so that will be fun.

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