Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update on baby Asher

As I stated a few days ago, my heart's desire was to have a "normal" delivery and a healthy baby. Well, our God is a wonderful God and he has more than fulfilled those desires.

Friday morning at 6:00am we left for the hospital and after a surreal morning where everything went as expected I got to experience my first C-section. This time around I was awake for the procedure and it was an interesting experience. First, instead of an epidural I had a spinal. There are several differences, but the main one for me was that it is a shot instead of a catheter controlled drug. This makes a huge difference because once it is injected the doctors can't control where the drugs go or how effective they are. This really didn't play a part of my experience until the very end where I felt like I had about 80 pounds of weight sitting on my chest. The doctors monitored my O2 rates and they were fine, but it is crazy for a doctor to tell you that you are not out of breath when you feel like you can barely breath. It was quite an unsettling experience.

After about 3-4 months of being head down and even being head down on Wednesday for the amniocentesis, Asher pulled a fast one on Dr. Howard and was butt down on Friday! Dr. Howard had begun the procedure when I heard, "Well, that's not a head!" It was so exciting to hear him screaming so loudly while he was being cleaned up. For those of you who care interested in that sort of thing his Apgar's were 8 and 9! Better than Ethan's!

Being wheeled from the OR to the recovery room was also a really weird feeling. I've never been on a roller coaster while being drunk, but I have to imagine that it would have felt similar to that trip. If the bed moved just a little, I felt like it was moving a whole, whole lot. Because of these strange sensations I did not feel comfortable holding Asher at first, but that didn't last long and I have hardly wanted to put him down since! He even spent the whole night just sleeping on my chest.

So far our hospital stay has been good. We have had three good platelet counts and Asher appears to have been protected from all possible harm from the NAIT. How amazing it is to just be able to love on him and have him near us!! Our plan is to try and go home tomorrow, but we all know how speedy hospital discharges are.

Thank you all for all your prayers! We will be so glad in the upcoming months to share our blessing with you all.

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Hedy said...

Thanks for posting. I have been thinking lots about you guys. Feels good to know a bit of what happened and how things occurred. I look forward to loving Ethan't little brother!