Friday, June 11, 2010

Kids say the darndest things!

I just wanted to record some really cute things that Ethan has said recently.

The week before Asher's birth Ethan prayed and thanked God for Dr.McPeas (Dr.McLees) who delivered Ethan and was suppose to deliver Asher.  It was so sweet to see him thank God for someone who played such an intimate role in him coming to the world.

Pawpaw, "Goodnight little man."
Ethan, "I'm not a little man."
Philip, "Yes you are buddy."
Ethan, "No, I not!"
Philip, "You are a little man and when you grow up you'll be a big man."
Ethan, "No, I'm not a little man, I'm a Cajun!"

Last night as we were leaving P.F.Chang's Ethan said, "Thank you for taking me to this restaurant."  It was so cute!

I'll try to get this on tape soon, but if you ever want some free entertainment put an almost three year old in front of a full length mirror!!

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