Monday, June 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After only a few days at the hospital we got to come home yesterday afternoon.  I personally like being in the hospital where they bring you hot food three times a day, change your sheets for you and the nurses were a great help when I had any questions about nursing.  The hospital can be aggravating though when you have to deal with all the policies and procedures that they are MARRIED to, but when Philip or I would get frustrated we would just sing "Do everything without complaining." 

I do have to say that even though we left without a free diaper bag (I thought this was standard practice) the nurses and staff at UT all seemed to have a minor in hospitality.  No one ever left our room without asking if they could anything for us or if we need anything else.  The second day of our stay was a little overwhelming just because of the sheer number of people that came through our room, but I don't know if could have been helped.  The list included our normal nurse and her assistant, med students, a resident, the lactation consultant, an OB, a pediatrician, a tech from the lab (to draw blood), a photographer, someone from anesthesia, the charge nurse, the birth certificate guy, two guys from maintenance, etc. 

With all that said we had a non-eventful day yesterday and we were glad to be home by the late afternoon.  Asher is a really laid back baby and he is an excellent sleeper.  In fact as I type this I'm considering waking him up so that I can feed him before our lunch time.  Our first pediatrician visit will be tomorrow and I'm anxious to get him on the scale to see how much weight he is gaining or losing.  Nursing has been going well, but as I'm sure most moms know, it is hard to tell how much he is getting.  With Ethan getting bottles we always knew he was getting "enough" so this is new territory for us.

As far as pictures go, I'll try to upload some more this afternoon, but in the mean time check out the pictures that big brother has been taking!!

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The Goodman Family said...

So glad you are home and well. When you feel better, I want to know how you do that link thing for pictures and have it password protected, that is awesome! I need to do that on mine! Have a great weekend, and enjoy those little ones!