Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Any local mommies want to get fit with me?

After surfing around on knoxmoms.com I found this Stroller Strides group that meets in the mornings all over Knoxville:

Has anyone been before or heard anything about it? The first session is free, but I don't want to go by myself. Is anyone interested? If so let me know!

UPDATE: My friend from MOPS and I are going to go on Friday morning (9:15 at Carl Cowen Park) so if anyone is interested please join us!! I think you do have to sign up.

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Knoxville FitMoms said...

Hi Bridgette -
I'm Stephanie Ramirez, a Stroller Strides instructor. You should totally come check a class out! We have lots of moms who come solo! Everyone is very welcoming and I'm sure you'd have lots of fun! ;)
(call if you want - 228-7062)