Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hump Day and I love amazon!

Wednesdays are now my new favorite days! Mondays are way hectic with work and then grocery shopping and other errands. Tuesdays I have work again and by the afternoon I am worn out!

Ahh, but then there are Wednesdays! I've started going to Stroller Strides on this day so that is fun, but other than that I just have the day to recuperate from the beginning of the week. There are dishes to do, clothes to wash, just basic catching up. I really don't know how full time moms with little ones do it!

Anyway I wanted to share some things that I've been reading on my friend's blog. It is the Tarnished Tea Pot blog that is written by my friend Betsy and her sister. She recently had twins that turned one, and although her invitation said "no gifts please" I still got them a book (more on that later). Then today I was reading their blog and they have two great lists posted: Birthday presents to bring when the invitation says "no gifts necessary", and Birthday gifts for kids you know well. Several of my friends are having little ones that are turning one this year and these two lists are just great for ideas on what to give when you are invited to a little one's party.

So, like I said my friend Betsy's twins turned one last week. In honor of the year that they have accomplished I purchased the family "The Big Picture Story Bible". This is a story book that explains God's "big picture" to your little kids. It starts in the beginning with Adam and Eve and it really emphasizes the promises that God makes to his people and how he fulfills them (ultimately with his son Jesus). I recommend this book to all families! I had to call several places in town and when I did find it and get it home, Philip noticed there was a page that was severely ripped up. Bummer! I explained to Betsy what happened and since there was only one copy at the store when I returned it, I just figured I would order it from Amazon. On Amazon the book is almost 30% cheaper then in the store. So, in addition to the book for my friend I got to order another book for Ethan for only 3 or 4 more dollars than I paid originally for just the one book!

I think that's it for now. I'll try to post more pictures later. The Boudreauxs will be here on Thursday, so I'm sure there will be pictures from that visit!


Christina said...

I love Stroller Strides!!! I lost 10 pounds in 3 months and still going. I liked it so much I am in the process of opening my own :)
Just had to share

Betsy said...

I'm looking forward to the Bible! We always like those kinds of gifts :). It's the toys that make noise and have many small parts that are still in their original packaging and going back to the store.....