Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fine motor skills here we come!

So Ethan has made quite a few strides in the last couple of weeks. Last Monday (4/7) he began to feed himself Cheerios. I had been giving them to him for probably about a month, but so far he hadn't really caught on that he could feed them to himself. A couple of weeks before that (3/22) he began to drink from his sippy cup on his own. While you are feeding him he will just look over at it and help himself. Take a look:

Now as for mental skills we are working on that too. We started waving in imitation of others about a month ago, but now just saying "Bye,bye" will make him wave (as seen in the video). What is really funny is that he was in here when I was watching the video and when he heard me say, "Can you say bye,bye, Ethan?" he started waving.

Even cooler is that we had a webcam session with Philip's mom and during the session he would wave at her and she would wave back at him. After we were done with the session I made him a bottle in the kitchen and when we went back into the library, where the computer is, Ethan looked at the screen to see if Mrs. Cindy was still there. Funnily enough, she hadn't turned off her webcam so she was still there. Well, Ethan just cracked a huge smile and started waving furiously at the computer! Philip was on the phone with her so she started smiling and waving back. I'm pretty sure he thinks that she lives in the computer now!

Another demonstration of his mental abilities came last week when we were reading one of his Priddy books. On two pages in the book are pictures of a dalmatian. Now in the Priddy books, all the pictures are real photographs and the two of this dog are pretty big. Anyway, last week we were reading the book before we went to bed and we got to the page with the dog on it. I asked him, "Where's the puppy, Ethan?" He looked at both pages for a while but as soon as I repeated the question his hand shot straight for the puppy! Hmm, could be a coincidence, I thought. So when we got to the last page I asked him again, "Ethan, where is the puppy?" Again his hand shot straight for the picture of the dog! Way cool! He did it again the next night, and in honor of this accomplishment Auntie bought him, "The Pigeon wants a Puppy". It arrived today in the mail by surprise! Thanks Auntie!!

Lastly, I leave you with this funny picture. When Philip went up to get Ethan after his nap he found him standing in his crib with his paci stuck to the side of his face! Pretty funny, huh?

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