Friday, April 11, 2008

Books, Books, Books!

Yesterday at my MOPS meeting we had a librarian come to talk to us about the importance of reading with your kids. She brought a ton of great books with her and I was so excited about them all I made Ethan his own wish list on Amazon. The list also includes several magazine subscriptions that are meant for little kids! He is not old enough yet for the young version of Highlights but I will make sure he gets signed up for it when he is! I remember how much I loved reading Highlights as a kid.

I encourage other moms that read this blog to look over the list and check out some of the authors that are included. She also told about some books for us moms: Reading Magic by Mem Fox and Valerie and Walter's Best Book for Children which contains lists of books by age and topic (including difficult topics like death). We all should be reading three books to our kids a day and Mem Fox suggests reading one favorite book (even if that book is the same book for five years), one familiar book, and one brand new book. Lastly she told us about the upcoming Reading Festival at the end of May. I'm planning on being there and if you are going to go let me know so that we can look for each other!

If any local moms are interested in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) I would really encourage you to think about joining! We meet once a month and always have a different speaker of some kind. Then we breakdown into our discussion groups where we can share prayer requests and really get to know one another. It's a great chance to get out of the house and sit down with other moms of little ones. We are having our last meeting of the year on May 8th at 6:00pm (at Central Baptist Bearden) and you are welcome to come and check it out. Next year Central will be hosting two meetings, one on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:00pm and one on the 4th Friday of every month at 9:00am. I have already signed up to be a discussion leader in the mornings. Of course, childcare is available and free! Registration for next year will open on May 1st and is $30. Let me know if you are interested and I'll put you in touch with the right people!


Betsy said...

Thanks for the info on the book fair! I'm hoping to check it out.

Janet said...

An Amazon wishlist is a great idea! I might have to do one for my kids too. I'm so glad you enjoyed the meeting last night!

Heather Davis said...

Glad to hear you guys are doing well! I loved MOPS when I was in it, but I went to the group at Grace Lutheran. Your little man is PRECIOUS, enjoy that gift! Love ya, Heather