Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Vander Sluis School of Learning

So my neighbor Kristin (Vander Sluis) keeps Ethan for a couple of hours about once a week because of my after school meetings and such. She has two kids, Alex and Abbie, who Ethan ADORES! Well, not only does he adore them but he has become their great imitator.

About two weeks ago Ethan came home clicking his tongue. "That's neat!" I thought. Then Kristin tells me that Ethan saw Alex chewing gum and he tried to imitate him by clicking his tongue. Now anytime you click your tongue Ethan does it back.

Today he went to Kristin's house and now he says, "oh-oh". Not quite "uh-oh" but really stinking cute!

Thanks Vander Sluis family for encouraging cute developments!

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