Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Belated Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  I know we did!!  Philip's parents came into town and since my parents now live in town, we had a big throw down at our house.  Ethan opened presents on four consecutive days.  It was great!  I'll try to get pictures of Christmas day up soon, but until then you can watch our Christmas videos.

I'd like to take this time to discuss Christmas cards.  This year I sent out Asher's baby announcements that never got sent out this summer with the additional picture shown above.

My question to my readers out there is who do you send Christmas cards to?  With the cost of postage (and cards) going up each year I start to question who should be on my Christmas card list.  Don't get me wrong, I love making a Christmas card and I love sending them out, I just don't know how to edit my list.   Do you send cards to family only?  How about high school or college buddies that you don't talk to often, but still want to keep in touch with?  What about local friends that see you every week or month?  Or do you keep a list of who sent you a card so you can return the favor next year?

I'd love your input on this.  Our list consists of a mixture of these, but I did struggle with our Sunday School class members this year.  I mean, we see them every week, but I still want to wish them a Merry Christmas!  What I don't want to do is spend over $100 on cards and postage each year. 



John and Allie Fields said...

This may sound horrible but outside of immediate family, I only send Christmas cards to those who send them to me first. A big part of why I do that is that it's easier to pull off the return address and send my card immediately than to have to look up all of the addresses.

Betsy said...

We've gone with the e-card lately... our list topped 90 two years ago and I just can't afford that. I didn't even send out a Christmas one last year, but did an Easter letter. Whenever I get a great shot of the kids or our family, I'll make some prints for out of town family and those friends who the kids call "uncle" or "aunt" cuz they're so close. Otherwise.... (this is why you haven't gotten one from us yet this year :) ). In fact, I was just editing my e-letter....

As far as locals go, you can always get just a postcard printed, print basic 4x6 prints, or something and just pass them out.