Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yesterday afternoon (16 days before Christmas) I finally sat down and made Asher's stocking.  Out of the six stockings here I've sewn the first four and although they might not be the prettiest stockings ever they work for us.

In Philip's family each member of the family contributes to each stocking.  We have adopted this practice and I love it!  It is so much fun to buy things for everyone's stocking (including this year my inlaws and brother in law).  Then when it is time to "open" them everyone just dumps their stocking onto the floor and we figure out who bought what.

In my family our stockings were the only things we could open before our parents got out of bed on Christmas morning.  I remember my sister and I running out to the living room to grab the stockings and then returning to one of our beds to open them.  Then the agonizing wait would begin, but at least we had the contents of our stockings to keep us busy until 8am.

Does your family use stockings in their celebration of Christmas?  How do they work in your house?

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Betsy said...

Everyone gets a stocking at our house and we get to open them before breakfast (the rest of the presents wait until after breakfast). I've lobbied for a while for each of us to contribute to the stockings--especially when we go visit my in-laws--but they haven't taken me up on it. On my side of the family, if we're with them, my sister and I do our parents' stockings.