Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Solids - the second time around

With Ethan I remember starting solid foods the day that the pediatrician said that we could.  My number one motivation was to spend less money on formula.  Little did I know the amount of dishes and ultimately money and time having a baby on solids can require.

This time around I have delayed starting solids until what seems like the last minute.  Even though I am not anti-spoon, after reading a blog post about baby-led weaning I got really stoked about not having to make purees this go-round.  I want Asher to get the majority from his calories from me for as long as possible anyway, so I am in no hurry to start solids.  Having said that, Asher has gone through periods this last month where after nursing in the evening he is still fussy.  It is at these times when I have offered oatmeal cereal made with formula (or some other liquid).   He does sit at the table with us during dinner and we also have tried to give him solids from our plates.  So far he has had some baked sweet potato, applesauce and a few grains of rice (all good Cajuns should have some rice in their diet).  Most of these foods have been processed and given right back to us, but he has swallowed a few mouthfuls of each.

Unlike this picture the last two nights have gone rather well as far as getting more food into his body then onto his bib.  He still is only eating about one tablespoon of cereal a night, but he seems to be getting better at opening his mouth when a spoon comes up to his mouth and then swallowing what is deposited there.

Today we are going to the pediatrician for Asher's six month check up.  After Ethan heard that Asher was going to have shots he said, "I want some throw-up in my nose."  He means that he does not want a flu shot, but instead wants the flu mist (up his nose).  Kids say the darnedest things.  Also, I couldn't think of it the other day but another funny word Ethan says incorrectly is "Mirr-e-u" for mirror.

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John and Allie Fields said...

I couldn't give Cameron solids until around a year old and he was totally fine. No need to rush it unless he wants more. I think BLW is an awesome concept! Unless a child really struggles with eating, there is no need for baby food purees.

The cajun in Cameron loves some rice!