Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ethan is doing better! Praise God!

A hematologist checked Ethan out at Children's and said the most probable reason for his condition is that Bridgette and I had different platelet antigens and some of Bridgette's blood got mixed with Ethan's during the birth and her antibodies are killing the babies platelets (I don't really understand it enough to explain it well :) But if this is indeed the problem and right now the docs are treating it as the problem, then all Ethan needs is a few treatments of some medicine and he will be fine. Yesterday night Ethan's count was 15000 before the treatment and then 24000 this morning after the treatment! So things are going in the right direction. Yesterday Bridgette got a 12 hour pass to leave Baptist west to go see Ethan, we came back to Baptist west for the night and we will do the same thing today.

God has a plan for Ethan's life and so far I think the evidence shows that he wants the little guy to be healthy. It turns out that having a C-section was the best chance for Ethan to get through the low platelet count issue. If he would have come out the normal way a lot more of Bridgette's blood would have gotten in his and more platelets would have been destroyed. Also the chance of him having cranial bleeding would have been raised (he has no bleeding in the brain!) None of us knew this at the time of labor and delivery but God did and even though we went through a stressful time God had Ethan in his hands and was taking care of him. Praise God!



Anonymous said...

We have been praying for you all. Allison is right, the people at Children's are fantastic, and the doctors and nurses who took care of Morgan 6 yrs ago are still in touch. There is low turnover in the NICU and many of the caregivers there are Christian, so they pray for the babies, too! Ethan is in God's hands and there's no better place to be!


Abby's Mom said...

I am so glad! He has been blessed with wonderful parents!