Saturday, July 7, 2007

Great News!!

I'm so sorry that we did not get to post this morning. We got a late start and did not call the NICU before heading in. But, I do have a FANTASTIC praise to report. His platelets were up to 59 this morning!!!!!! The pediatrician said that this is great because the 60-70 thousand range is when he is out of danger of spontaneous bleeding. He also said as long as he stays above 60-70 he will be able to go home on Tuesday or Wednesday! Praise God!

We are so excited. Please continue to pray for Philip and I. We are spending an average of 12 hours a day at the hospital and it can be exhausting. Philip is letting me take a nap every afternoon, but he feels he can't get any rest at the hospital. (He is in bed now though, so that is good). Thank you for all your prayers, again they are felt mightily!! Because of church tomorrow we will probably not post again until tomorrow evening, but we are planning on being home at 6:30, so it will be an earlier post.

We love you all!


Milani said...

That's incredible. We will be in prayer for you guys!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! God will take care of him! He is going to be fine and home before you know it! Love,Web