Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Momma Entry

So you've heard from Dad and Auntie and now it's my turn. We went to the hospital today after a much needed shower for me (and I got to put on some normal clothes:) He is adorable and we love him so much.

Here is Dad with Ethan. Notice the monitor behind him has is name across the top. The nurses there made him a sign the very first day he was there.

This is his "I'm a little man" outfit!!

This puppy dog was brought to him by "Aunt" Kathy Martin!!

He got his second treatment today for the anti-antibodies. Tonight's blood work showed his platelets at 19,000. We aren't really sure what the error is in these measurements, but the doctors are not concerned. He will receive anywhere from 3 to 5 of these treatments and the doctors refuse to estimate when he will be able to go home. Please continue to pray that Philip and I would have peace about everything that is going on. We KNOW that God is in control and that NOTHING can take him from his hands. We love you all and we appreciate everything everyone is doing. We will update you again as soon as possible.

Love, Ethan's Momma


Anonymous said...

He is so cute!
That was the hardest thing for me; feeling like there was nothing I could do. The one thing that I could do was pray.
Tell Ethan when he's older how God brought him through this.
Bridgette, you look good for just undergoing a c-section!
Take care of yourself!

Curt and Sara said...

He's just adorable! We are so looking forward to seeing him after thigs settle down a bit for you all.

Anonymous said...

He looks so cute in his little man outfit!! Bridgette, I agree completely with the other comment -- you look great!! Keep thinking positive thoughts and know that lots of prayers and well wishes are coming to you from everyone in South Louisiana!! Love to all!!

Ethan's Grandma

Abby's Mom said...

He is beautiful! You are beautiful! All three of you are being lifted in prayer and loved!