Thursday, July 5, 2007

Family Resemblence??

I've said from day one that Ethan looks like Philip. The nurse asked me today who I thought he looked like, and I said, "He could be his dad's brother they look so much alike." Philip just smiled, but as proof to the world I submit this:

On the left, Ethan 3 days old
On the right, Philip 1 days old

You make the call!!


CIndy Boudreaux said...

I agree, Bridgette. Some of Ethan's other pictures also remind me of Philip. You'll soon be laughing and playing with little Ethan.

Philip's mom

Jeff & Cynthia said...

Hi Bridgette

Didn't even know you'd had the little guy 'til I got Amy's e-mail this morning. Y'all are in our prayers -- I've been there and know what anguish you must be feeling. Hang in there -- God brought you to it and he'll get you through it. Let us know if you need anything!!

Hugs and prayers,
Cynthia, Jeff, and Abby Loveday :-)

JB said...

We are continuing to pray, and I hope you are finding strength in God's sovereignty, knowing that He is in control of even this situation.