Friday, July 6, 2007

Yeah, Ethan!

I just talked to Bridgette and she was very happy/excited. Ethan's platelets are back up to 22,000 as of this morning! They'll test the blood again tonight and if they haven't continued to rise, he'll get another treatment tonight. The red spots on his nose are gone and his color is so good that they don't consider him a jaundice baby anymore.

Bridgette and Philip had a super-good morning with little Ethan. They got to spend lots of time with him awake and eating. Bridgette got to feed Ethan a whole bottle of breast milk, which he ate vigorously. This is exciting news because the doctor says Ethan will get to have the GI tube taken away and will eat on his own from now on.

Thank so much for your prayers and comments of encouragement! Praise God for the wonderful news this morning!

Aunt Danielle


Lora Langlois said...

Great news! You all continue to be in my prayers! Can't wait to meet Mr. Ethan.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy! Is he going home in that cute outfit? Is there anything that you need once you get him home? I still have not sent a gift to y'all yet! Get some rest Bridge, and I love y'all! Love, Aunt Janet :)

Anonymous said...

Great news! You all are in our thoughts and prayers! YKM

Anonymous said...

He is very, very cute. I hope that he is home soon. We'll keep praying for you.


Abby's Mom said...

Praise God! How exciting.

Heather Davis said...

We are keeping all 3 of you in our prayers. He is precious! Hang in there! Chad and Heather Davis

Cindy Boudreaux said...

Woo-hoo! Geaux Ethan! Praise God!

Take care of yourself Bridgette. Let others do for you while they are willing.

Maw-Maw Cindy