Friday, July 6, 2007

First Bath

Ethan sleeping with puppy "Martin"
Today was a great day!! You got to hear the "morning report" from Auntie and now my small update. Ethan is beautiful. Today I got to see him more than any other day of his little life! His billirubin is down and platelets are up. We praise God for everything he is doing in little Ethan's life. He is also now eating bottles with mostly breast milk and is keeping it all down. This makes the pediatricians happy and now the only thing standing between him and home are his little platelets.

The nurse I spoke to tonight made me hug her because she said last night he woke up, and he didn't cry but he just laid there and looked around. She said she couldn't help but pick him up, unplug him from the monitors, and walk him all around the unit with her on her nightly errands. I told her by all means, pick him up and hold him because as soon as he gets home that is what I will be doing!!

Philip and I got to give him his first bath tonight and that was fun too!!

Thank you ALL for your support and encouragement. I know that your prayers have been heard by an almighty God who has big plans for this family. Philip and I have had a peace about us that is unexplainable except but through Him.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Ethan, we can't wait to get hugs from your Mom, Dad and Auntie Danielle. We're glad that you had such a good day with your family. We'll be there soon!!

Love to all,

Granma and Granpa Stelly

Brandy & Matt said...

Hello Philip and Bridgette...First of all congratulations on your little angel. He is BEAUTIFUL!! We see he gave ya'll a little scare for a minute there.. Already causing his parents to worry. LOL That's what kids do best. So glad to hear he is doing much better now..I know you will be so happy when you are able to bring him home..We can't wait to meet him. Congratulations again..

Matt, Brandy, Brittanie & Leyton

Milani said...

It's so awesome that Ethan is doing better. I am so happy that you guys aren't apart so much. Aaron, myself, and our wives are thinking about you guys lots! Take care! P.S.- Bundren had her kid July 5th. See ya!

Anonymous said...

Bridgette, Philip, and Ethan,

We are so excited to hear your good news!!! Yeah platelets!! The pics are great and we are keeping you all in our prayers!

Keil, Laura Leigh, and Blaise