Thursday, July 5, 2007


Thank you all for your prayers!! They were MIGHTILY felt!! Everything seems so much better when I am in the presence of my son:) He is beautiful and soft and he smells good. Ahhhhhhh.... Also thank you for the comments. It really helps to know that you guys are out there reading this!

Okay, but seriously he is keeping his formula down that they are giving him via the GI tube which is better than yesterday. Today he also received milk from me which hopefully will help his digestion. We got to speak to the hematologist again and he did not seem alarmed about his drop in platelets. He just reassured us that some babies take longer to react then others. Part of this is because we don't know how many of my antibodies originally got into his little system (that can be different for every baby). Also, the IVIG treatment that he received yesterday was smaller than it was suppose to be (miscommunication?), but that has been rectified and he got a normal treatment this morning. His platelets will be checked again tomorrow. If he does not react to the treatments as expected over the next few days, he will get a transfusion of my platelets (which we know my antibodies will not attack).

All the nurses just keep commenting on how good he looks and how cute he is. Today I started to read him "his" psalm. We only got to verse 9 (it is a really long psalm and he is a really little baby). The hardest part of the day is coming home without him. I feel as though I have left a body part at the hospital. But I KNOW that he is well taken care of, both by the almighty hands of God and by the staff at Children's.


helen said...


He is just so very beautiful! I am thinking of all of you right now & hope for a quick recovery so he can be home soon with his mama.

Helen Morrow

Anonymous said...

He is precious. Get your rest now before he comes home. You won't get much once he is home. I'm keeping all of you in my prayers.

Patti Fogel

Shawn said...

Sorry it has taken so long to comment, but i have just figured out how to do it. you know me and technology. anyway Cara and i just read over the blog, and Ethan is looking great and healthy. Soon he will be at home working with dad in the wood shop. We are thinking of you guys and hoping things keep improving. If you guys need anything make sure and let us know.

Quad Squad! said...

Continuing in my prayers! He's so beautiful!

Abby's Mom said...

Continued love and prayers! He is so cute. I can't wait to hug him.

Anonymous said...

Bridgette, remember to take care of YOU and get some rest. I know you must be stressed and exhausted. Ethan needs a rested Mommy when he comes home. Take care of you!!! Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I too have just realized how to do this. Ethan is soooo beautiful and I know in my heart that he will be ok. Everyone in my family is praying for yours. We love you all and can't wait to see you.

Kaili, Ross and Madelyn also Lynn

Anonymous said...

What a pretty baby! You are truly blessed! You are all three in my prayers every day. God will take care of him. Love,