Friday, July 27, 2007

My Friend Blaise

Blaise wonders what Ethan is so upset about!

Laura and Blaise Neff came over yesterday and we got to go out to Olive Garden for lunch. They sat us off in a private little dining room and it was so funny because Blaise and Ethan were sleeping. We set them both up in their car seats on the end of the dining table (it could seat like 16) and there they sat until we were done eating....and then they were both hungry:) Blaise was not very impressed with Ethan. He would just stare at him when he cried. I'm sure in 6 months things will be a lot different.

Ethan took a bath this morning and was much more calm. He made it through the whole thing without crying!! Yeah Ethan!

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Anonymous said...

How cute!!!! LL